Write Pagan Articles for Pagan Frontiers

Are you a blogger, author or Writer?

Write Pagan Articles for our website.

We (Pagan Frontiers of London site) are looking for informative & personal articles (200-500 words) on a variety of Pagan & Magical topics that will be useful for new Pagans & beginners. If you have reasonable experiences in Paganism (lived in know-how, not book-read academic, as we wish to keep these down to earth), contact us with your proposals.

Your articles must be original pieces of your own work, If you have published them elsewhere or in your own blogs, but are happy to offer us a truncated `easy beginners version’ of the same work, we will be happy to consider it. You will continue to hold all copyright for your work. You may also submit illustrations/ photos/ graphics to support the work, but articles are the main purpose. Only your name will be credited as author. No links will be inserted.

We reserve the right to promote the mini-articles on our social media platforms
We can not pay any fees, as this is a community related initiative to share grass root level knowledge with fellow pagans.

Thanks & Bright Blessings.


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