Woodland Spring Equinox 2019 – Seasonal Festival Gathering

Spring equinox is a time of new beginning and initiating enterprises. A time of reaching balance between Dark & Light.. day & night. It is a time of noticeable lengthening of daylight hours and quickening. Flowers blooming, trees sprouting buds and leaves. Astrologically, the Sun enters the firey sign of Aries. We work actively to balance the opposing forces in our lives, and a bit of personal `spring-cleaning’ internally, then explore the mystery of Spring, through the God-Goddess cycle. Mating and fertility rites are obviously being played out by all wildlife in nature at this


The basic ceremony follows the format of a Wicca ritual – such as an Opening Spring pathworking, Sacred space/ consecrations, calling elemental quarters, Energy raising with drumming, chants & spiral dance. There’ll also be calling of Horned God & Goddess, Seasonal magic & Blessing of Food & Drinks/wine.

Starting time:
Please be at Pub meeting point at 2pm, and you’ll have 30mins to warm up/ get drinks or connect. At 2.30pm we will start walking to woods.
We can not start on time, if attendees keep coming late, thinking its going to start start late anyway. This very thing makes everything delayed.

Meeting place (Woodman’s Pub):

Gather in the Woodman’s Pub from 1.00pm.. Get to `High Gate’ Tube station.. come up to main road. Turn right. Pub is just 30 seconds away. The Woodmans, 414 Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UA.

RITUAL items to bring:

– Ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks / ground sheets / blankets
– Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks / flower crowns (No athame!! .. No swords!)
– Drums & musical instruments
– Lanterns / candles / lighter (all candles in lanterns only please, unless it’s large pillar-candles. Strictly No tea-lights on ground or trees!!)
– Crystals / runes / divination tools
– Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

Behaviour / alcohol/ drugs policy

This is in a public woodland/ park. please BE on good behaviour. No drugs/ substances allowed. (Read our Safety & harassment policy- link below).

Photos/ privacy:

Please do not take photos during set-up, run-through or ritual.. After ritual, with permission, you may take photos – for private use. If worries about your privacy / identity, please wear a ritual mask to safeguard your identity in photos. Check our policy (link below).

We are starting to create our own features & documentaries about Paganism, wicca, ritual magic & related communities. This is a `not-for-profit’ project with strict educational purpose. We will film the ritual team during certain sections, and with permission, interview & film some of the willing attendees before & after event. *Unauthorised people are NOT permitted to film or record* (see below for link to our policies).

Please bring FOOD & DRINKS TO SHARE:
Here are some suggestions– Home made bread/cakes; salad; wine/ mead; soft drinks; vegan food; water; vegetarian food. You only need bring a small amount that can be added to our feasting and shared with all.

Changes ahead :

At Spring 2019, London Woodland Witches celebrates 5 years ceremonies, socials and creation of our own community. And it is time to grow, evolve, and make some changes.

One key aspect of this is to make our Spring/ summer events more family-friendly, to include parents who can bring children (or they all stay at home and miss pagan events and connection to reest of community. We are keen to ensure we don’t just focus on fertility & romance but also the result of it- children & family!

Another key aspect is to include the attendees (all of you!) more in the actual ceremony, rather than leave you as spectators who interact only briefly in ceremony. This means less of Ritual team standing in front and doing everything, and more of ritual team encouraging attendees to do many aspects of the ceremony. We’ll get more organic and interactive!

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Wiccan High Priest & Founder of London Woodland Witches