Wicca New Moon : Gaia-Selene Circle (monthly, north London)

We are now holding monthly Wicca new Moon Circles. If the full moon is for bubbling cauldrons and magic brimming to the surface, then new moons are for seeds, intents, going deeper within for magical & psychic development, Healing & transformative work. Emphasis at these circles is to set up altar/ sacred space (circle etc) and get to exploring at least 1 new Ritual magical working or psychic development.

These Wicca New Moon Circles are NOT our usual flamboyant, energetic, noisy rituals – instead these involve taking time to connect to Gaia/Earth & trees, reaching inner stillness, peace and flow of magic, and the use of that magic for healing and empowerment.

**(If possible- please bring ground sheet/  blanket to sit on, as we’ll be doing meditative work/ path workings. )


These circles are facilitated by Mani Navasothy – initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 21 years of The Craft & Coven experiences including training and initiating Wiccans.

** suggested donation  £3  ** 

At these events, the following will be covered (subject to development): 

• prep: Gaia /  Tree / Chakra meditations.

• Prep:  Personal Energy work (varies)

• Ceremony with wiccan framework  (Consecration, Circle, Elemental quarters, some God/Goddess work)

• Within circle:   Healing & spell craft

• Within circle:   Psychic development & explorations.

• After circle closes:   Feasting & mini-social

Your attendance:

You may attend once or regularly and gain benefit for your self, and/or do healing work for your friends & loved ones (ask them permission first please..).

Or you may simply attend and gain grounding, centre the self, and energising your self.

These monthly gatherings will open with a basic wiccan consecrations & circle set-up, then extend into meditation, chant, and finally extended Magic & Healing works at hand; Be also open to working intuitively.

Attend with an open mind and a trusting heart.

Meeting point :

Please be in the garden area of The Woodman’s Pub, Archway Road – between 7.00pm ad 7.30pm.  We then (quickly) walk about 15 minutes along Woodlane to get to Queen’s Woods for the Ritual circle.  (exact woodland location may change on the night. So please meet at pub garden).

What you can help with——————————

–help set-up altar:

The sooner we set up altar (basic wiccan altar) the quicker we can get to start. So your help in clearing the space of any rubbish/sharp objects, and moving a few small logs as altar, lighting quarter-lanterns, putting bags aside (away from altar)..  will be all appreciated. As a rule, i don’t like artificial lights or plastic decorations on altar (but do keep your torch lights with you or nearby. It gets dark 🙂

–Consecrations, Circle & Elements/quarters set up:

As you attend regularly and become experienced in Circle-craft, (or if you already are). then you may help Mani (facilitator) with sacred-space & circle-set up.  This enables us to get to the magical development & healing workings quickly.

–Charms & talismans on altar

Within reason, and as long as the object does not detract from the general/ neutral magical energy of the altar,  you are encouraged to place your own spiritual / ritual items on the altar –  like wands & crystals & charms etc (If in doubt  please check with Mani first.. ). Alternatively you may keep your magical charms/ talismans with you in pocket etc..

These circles are about Personal Empowerment, so it’s okay to charge up the items with hep of group energy.

— Healing work :

Once our circles sette into regular form & routine, we’ll begin to include healing works – either for 1-2 individuals present at the circle, or to send healing to a related individual (friend / loved one of one present in the circle).

Please note – we will not be doing generic magical working (world peace, stopping war, healing for unrelated/ unconnected persons etc – those are best done at our Full moon rituals)

What to bring / be ready for the woods:

–Weather is unpredictable.  As these are evening events in the woods, please dress warmly, possibly with water-proof clothing.  We have a practise of going ahead with our rituals, whatever weather.  So please check weather reports..and come dressed up 100% comfortable & ready.

–A small plastic sheet is better (water proof) to sit on.. Ground can be wet or damp from previous rains..  Cushion/ blanket and other items of comfort. we’ll be seated and be still for meditative parts;

–Torch light becomes essential for walking about the woods in the dark. (especially if you plan to leave soon after ritual on your own!)–

–Keep an eye on the  route we take to walk into the woods..so you can get out in a hurry on your own – in an emergency!

Food & Drinks to share

— In the Autumn/ winter months, for practical reasons, you may share food & drinks while the sacred space is being prepared and altar set-up.  After the ritual, there may be only a short time (30mins) to share food/drinks before everyone must hurry back and get trains / buses home

–Some sensible food & drinks to share will be superb.  Some like chocolates & biscuits. Others like some bread & butter/ cheese/ dips/ crisp;  Some are vegetarians others are not.  All is okay.  There will be basic cakes & wine for altar. But extra bit of wine is usually appreciated and enjoyed by all.  After all, wiccans do like bonding and socialising 🙂  It’s also okay if you don’t drink alcohol.  You can also bring tea/ coffee/ soup in a flask.  Those hot drinks become important in winter months.

Note to Late arrivals/  time keeping:

Because we have to set-up, do ceremony and return by 10pm, we regret we can not wait for late-comers at the pub meeting point after the set-time. Of course sometimes circumstances are beyond our human control.  So if you are late, do come and find us in the woods (if you are a regular, you’ll know the spot where we work our rituals).

Love & Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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