Welcome to the `new’ Pagan Frontiers (site)

Welcome to Pagan Frontiers of London website & blog. We are now `responsive’ – so that you can access this site via any devises (laptop, ipads, mobiles). After running this site for almost 10 years, we are now updating many of the features & structures, so please bear with us for a few days while we do this.

Here are the key areas of our site (once fully updated):

News & Media – This will contain subpages with Calendars, Videos, Books, Magazine & Galleries. It will also have links to popular blogs by some of the well-known people in London Pagan `scene’ (and UK).

Paganism & Magic – This section contains several stand-alone introductory articles on key subjects of Paganism & Magic. Learn quickly about Paganism & Pagan 8-fold Festivals. What is Ritual Magic? Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft; What about Sexual Polarity? And do Pagans worship the Devil? Put your fears to rest ..quickly!..!

Events & Socials – contains brief and extensive features on many upcoming pagan events, open rituals, courses & workshops, conferences, socials and pub moots; It also contains info on upcoming general london-wide events that may be of interest to pagans (Notting Hill Carnival, October Plenty etc)

Community – this section has pages on ritual groups, pagan Organisations, Moots & talks, Bookshops, and Pagan/ Holistic services.

Craft Shop – upcoming feature that lists magical craft items for sale via this or connected sites.

Please bear with us for a few days while we rebuild this site with more features and interactivity!

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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