Spring Equinox Ritual – Woodland, London 25March2017

SPRING EQUINOX 2017 – in Queen’s Woods, north London.

Come join us and participate in this woodland open ceremony, where we mark new beginning and initiating enterprises. It is a time of reaching balance between Dark & Light.. day &  night. We work actively to balance the opposing forces in our lives. After consecrations, Circle casting and calling in elements, we’ll invoke the God & Goddess, and with their blessings, engage in some personal magical work to benefit each of us.

** Fee: £3  ** 


This is a ritual that we (Pagan Frontiers of London) are organising.  It will take place in late afternoon in a woodland/ outdoor venue. However initial meeting point is indoors in a local Pub.

  • Opening, Sweeping  & Consecration
  • Circle casting & calling quarters
  • energy raising chant/ spiral dance
  • Invocations of Spring God & Spring Goddess
  • Seasonal magic – seed planting
  • Blessing of Cakes & Wine
  • Close circle / devocations
  • Feasting & Socials.


Date: Saturday 25th March 2017

Meeting point /  time:    2pm  at The Woodman’s Pub (patio/ garden area in the back)

Nearest tube:   High Gate (Northern line – just 1 min walk to the Woodman’s Pub)

schedule /  plan:

  • After a quick meet n greet and drinks, we’ll walk together to the woodland (15min walk ..path is a bit steep at places..  not suitable for people with walking difficulty).
  •  Ritual is expected to end at 4.30pm.  After feasting, we’ll be heading back to the Woodman’s for more socials.  You have the option to return to the woods at 7.30pm. for our 2nd event – Earth Hour ceremony.

Here are some suggestions–

-Home made/ baked items are exceptionally welcome (Bread, cakes, buns, salads, soup, pre-cooked potatoes).
-Wine & Mead are popular for the pre-ritual social and for feasting & socials afterwards!
– shop-bought items (sausage rolls, short-eats).
-Cheese / ham/ butter/ crisps/ dips
-Chicken (cooked pieces)
– Water / soft drinks/ tea & coffee in flasks
-vegetarian food/ vegan food
(Basically any items that add towards a sensible feast/ meal).

-Mani Navasothy  (Pagan Frontiers of London)


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