SpellCraft workshop: Candles, Cords & Rune Magic (outdoors, 8th April’17)

Dear all, this half a day experiential session is part of our  Woodland Wicca workshops.  New comers to Wicca and those interested in joining our private wicca Ritual group will benefit from these short but informative introduction workshops – that brings you on to the `same page’ as everyone else.

Visit our meetup to book for Spellcraft workshop £9pp

This is an experiential session, covering the following:
  • Introduction to spellcraft & Magic in Wicca –  how we do magic; within-without principle; Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return;
  • Cord Magic – Using Cords, how you can do magic; demonstration & practice with a cord (you can actually use the opportunity to do a bit of magic) .  ( 1 metre cords will be provided)
  • Rune Magic – Basic introduction to Runes – symbols & meanings;  How to do Rune magic; Bind Runes;
  • Candle Magic – Preparing the candle- anointing/ consecrating;  Intention setting;  Using one of the Runes learnt (in same workshop), you’ll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles – white – will be provided).
Saturday, April 8, 2017;
Meeting point:  Windmill Tea Rooms, Wimbledon Park, Windmill Road, SW19 5NQ, London

Note: The actual workshop takes place in the woods

Meeting point/ Time/ Travel Details: 

  • We meet by the cafe / tea room at `Wimbledon Tea rooms’   and will go into nearby woodland area for workshop. If it’s wet/ raining, I will put up a Tarp cover, as we have done in previous outdoor workshops.
  • Please be at Tearooms by 11.30am  latest..so we can go into the woods,and start this workshop at 12.00pm…and end at 4pm.   (there will be a short 15 min break in the middle).
  • Address: Windmill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NQ
  • Cafe website: http://www.windmilltearooms.com/
  • This place has free car park / toilet facilities. Car park fills up so get there early to park.

What to wear / bring:

***Please dress really appropriate for weather! ***  Good water-proof coats, proper boots/ shoes / trainers..that are not going to get soaked in mud/ rain.   Gloves, scarf. hats; possibly a bag/ ruck sack to put all your belonging and set aside (on the ground, when doing ritual).

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy