Rituals & Socials

Here at Pagan Frontiers of London, we provide information on Community Events, Rituals & Festivals and special Campaigns. Please check related pages (links below) for additional features. While we can take no responsibility of external groups and events, we do strive to gather as much information as we can (or that others provide) and place them in these features, as an additional service /resource to all pagans in London.

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Open Rituals :  There are many magical groups (wicca, druid, shamanic, heathen etc)  and many organisations in and around London – who provide / facilitate Open rituals & ceremonies (indoors and some outdoors) for newcomers and experienced pagans to visit and participate.

Pub-Moots, Socials & Talks :  Talks Social Gatherings, in pubs, cafe’s houses, local parks & hired venues. Usually has a guest speaker & social drinks afterwards. Small fee involved. Monthly, fortnightly or weekly.