Ritual Magic

What is Ritual Magic ? 

Article by Mani Navasothy

Magic & Energy
“The Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will” – this is the way Aleister Crawley described Magic to be. Yes, it is a Science, as it uses many principles to achieve it, and it is an Art, as creativity, skills and craftsmanship are required to grow and perfect making Magic.
A huge range of activities and event can be said to come under `Causing Change’- and it can include physical change as well as psychological, emotional and mental changes. In one extreme, we have magicians trying to affect Weather (say before an outdoor marriage ceremony) and we also have those `Love spells’ which attempt to influence another person’s feelings!

In general, we like to define Magic, as changing reality and natural order of things by the power of our minds.
Magic requires the intent or the power of the Will. The Will (of a person or group of people) `works’ the energy, ad this energy creates the desired effect. In order to do magic, the strength of Will, and an ability to raise energy are required. These come with much training and practise.

Why do magic?
Personal gain of some sort (new house, new job, new love..)
Helping others (Healing a sick person, helping someone else to gain something personal).
Aiding the World (sending energy to people, places, animals, environment) for bettering their conditions
Giving Protection – keeping the self safe, or others safe- either from magical entities, harmful energies, other people or systems.

Empowerment- of the Self and / or others who may be weak-willed, vulnerable and ask to be strengthened.
Divination- to get a glimpse of one’s own future, or someone else’s future, or to get a psychic snap-shot of a situation. (Of course this borders on Intuition too).

Obstacles to Magic:
Magic doesn’t always work to give you the results you wanted. Why? Because it works on moving energy. And it is affected by other people’s minds, other people’s intents & psyches and circumstances. Magic doesn’t work if your subconscious mind has created negative expectations, blockages and holds onto fear, depression, anxiety etc.
When & where to do magic?

Some circumstances and natural events are best for magic- Body & Mind should be calm, but focused; New and growing moons, Spring & summer times are better for spells that work for growth and addition. Dark/wanning moons & winter is good for reducing magic, or healing illness such as Cancer.
Creating a special and Sacred space (temple) and doing magic within it.
An outdoor natural place or power, beauty and stillness (caves, riverside, sea side).

How to do magic:
Magic & Divinations work by the application of belief and an important correspondence principle.
“As Above- So below”.

Whatever is above in the Heavens and macrocosm out there in the world (fated) is reflected in the small, microcosm and the personal. This is why Divination works. The bigger world is seen in the smaller world of ..say Tarot cards or runes.
“As Within- So without”.

And whatever is within our minds and hearts are and do manifest outside in the bigger world…if propelled by the power of the Will! This is the underlying principle for why magic works.
Most of the training to be better magicians involve visualisations, strengthening Will, working the Creativity ..all the while remaining unaffected by emotions and other distractions. There is no trick to it. It’s hard work!!