Ritual Groups in London

London has many Pagan ritual groups and ceremonial circles. Some are formal and require membership (not featured here) and many have open rituals and events. Here we list some of the Ritual circles.

Hern’s Tribe (est 2004) :

“When the Horned One possess me, I am Hern..!” So says the mysterious horned shamanic figure who declares Robin Hood as Hern’s Son’, and begins to guide the outlaw to protect the innocent, defend the weak..’

Inspired by the TV series `Robin of Sherwood’ and stories of the Windsor-Hern myths, we began to build Hern’s Tribe- a pagan ritual & self-development group in 2004. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary!

Hern’s Tribe gatherings are held regularly for the 8 pagan seasonal festivals. We are a small closed group, always choosing to do our magical works outdoors in various Woods (Windsor, Sherwood, Epping, Queen’s woods- even Croydon), and tend to camp out when possible and cook our own food on site (in a small gas fire). We occasionally do Open rituals- to share our ideas and ways with the larger pagan community in London. (We have done Opening and Closing rituals for Pagan Federation Conference, Witchfest, and Beltane Bash).

Tamesa London Circle (est 2006) : Thames has many old names – Tamesa, Tamesis, Thames-Isis. And Tamesa London Circle are ritual workings..based around the river Thames. Formed in 2006 by Mani & April, TLC gathered regularly, seasonally, and on special occasions (pagan 8 festivals, full moons, eclipses, Isis-related dates) to do formal and informal rituals, and socials (Thames boat parties).
In 2017, we completed our 5th annual series of Thames-Isis rituals. We also ran monthly Full moon circles on the sandy banks of river Thames in central London. .

London Woodland Witches (meetup) est 2014: In Spring of 2014, we started a meetup group called `London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans’ – and put within it all the rituals & ceremonies I have been doing (Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa circles, Wicca, Eco-Magic, Hindu Magic etc). It all looked rather a lot – once gathered under one roof.

In just over 2 years, this meetup has become the largest Wicca/ magical meetup in London (well, for 100 miles in and around London), and the most active (though others lay claim to such achievements, a quick look at other meetups and their pat events/stats will show I speak with evidence – not propaganda!)

Our events are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies & informal socials. These events take place in various public Woodlands, parks and outdoor settings in London. We also add indoor socials/ pagan moots. All of these are great for Beginner wanting a friendly introduction to Wicca & witchcraft, Pagan ceremonies, ritual magic, and for meeting like-minded people.

Loose association of Druids (led by Jeremy Morgan) :
The Loose Association of Druids (LADs) Celebrate the Eight Rituals of the Ogdoadal Cycle throughout the Celtic year on the Sunday nearest the appropriate date in all weathers. We gather in the Hawthorne Grove slightly to the West of the Viewing Platform at the top of the hill between 12.30 & 12.45pm in order to select the Concelebrants & to prepare the Site ready for a prompt 1 o’clock start. All are welcome!

Please contact us first if you would like to take pictures, and please be sure that you obtain consent first. Thank you Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm or Swiss Cottage Nearest Overground: South Hampstead or Chalk Farm

As part of the celebrations, one of our number may prepare an Oracle Card Reading, to be read out at the rituals on Primrose Hill held by the LADs. Apart from the dissemination of information and concepts intended to enhance participants’ understanding of Druidry, they are drawn with the intention of giving advice to any member or group of members or the whole group should there be some issue of importance with which any participant needs help and where the readings may be able to provide it. As some individuals claim to have derived benefit from the readings, the card reader has been requested to include them on the LADs Facebook page for all interested parties to consult. However, it needs to be pointed out that neither the Card Reader nor any individual member of the LADs nor the LADs as a whole can accept any responsibility for any decision taken by any person as a result of consulting these card readings . (taken from LAD’s facebook page)

Luna Iter – full moon circle (led by Hildegard):

Luna Iter is a Ritual group, for Pagan and Wiccan Seekers. We are working with a Wiccan framework, but have a leaning towards Heathenism. However, there is no restriction and all pantheons or non are welcome.

The rituals have therapeutic elements as well as chants, dance, sharing and celebration.

They meet from 4.30 for a social at the PEMBURY TAVERN, 90 AMHURST ROAD, London E8 1JH, At 6pm (Sharp) we move to an undisclosed historic site for the ritual. THERE IS NO LATE ADMITTANCE. Numbers are limited, please make sure to let organiser know if you are coming.

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Welcome to  `London Woodland Witches Wiccans & outdoor Pagans’.   We are a ritual magical community who is down to earth, sociable & friendly!  There is a place for ALL here ….

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