Pagan Pride Parade London

Pagan Pride Parade London

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Pagan Pride Parade – is a free street-based public event.. where all the pagans, witches, wizards, druids, new agers and ordinary pagan folks come together …to celebrate their path…with a flamboyant parade. Previously organised by Jeanette Ellis for 13 years as part of Beltane Bash.
*Police escort provided*

Usual gathering place / travel info:
Gather outside the entrance of Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London (nearest tube: Holborn – Piccadilly Line). Meet-up 12 noon
Procession ends at Russell Square Park.. where many participants dance around a public fountain, and continue to sing/ chant and socialise.
Some people stay on to have a picnic in the park. Others go to some of their favourite Pubs for a few drinls and continue socials and networking.
What to bring/ wear?
Wear pagan costumes & masks
Bring drums & portable musical instruments,
Bring banners to carry …either about Paganism or about your own pagan groups..
This year’s Pagan Pride Parade London took place on Sunday 14th May 2017.   We’ll also keep you posted about updates / info here (at Pagan Frontiers of London).

Memory Lane:

NOTE: Beltane Bash is no longer running. But here is an online listing of Beltane BAsh 2005 that we discovered (This is an edited version of the PR)- Mani Navasothy
Nearest Station:Holborn. Times:12 noon until 8pm. Admission:£12 one day. £20 two days.
**!!The Oldest PAGAN PRIDE PARADE in the World!!**
Come join the parade and make the 8th year the longest YET!!
Led by traditional Giants, The Morrigan, Bran and The Jack in The Green, Old Man Thunder & Old Dame Holder, Herne & Andred, Fairies and Bogies! Parade will start from Conway Hall at 10.30am on Sunday, all comers are welcome.
So dress in fancy dress or just in bright colours with greenery or masked if you choose.
Bring a drum, and join the fun!
Parade finishing at The International BELTANE BASH
Programme for Beltans Bash 2005
FREE Entertainment, FREE Lectures, FREE Workshops
A warm welcome to all traditions and newcomers to Paganism especially.
Free Speakers and workshops
Ivo Domingues from America* Kevin &Kathy Rowan-Drewitt *Mary and Jim Rands* Francis Cameron* *Kloe Fanthorpe *Rick Gibson* Liz Crow and Kate Ward* Alan Craw* *Steve Wilson* Rob Stephenson* Jon Randall * Lee Davies* Childrens Workshop
Free Entertainment
Opening Ritual by Harmonic Concordance
Saltdog* Almaru 111* Daughters of Gaia* Hunters Moon Morris * Naughty Fairies and Bogies* *Daughters of the Nile- Oriental Dancers* *Black Rat* The Henge*
The fest ends with Grand Witchcraft Beltane Ritual by The Raven and The Rose
Organised by Jeanette and Paul of Caduceus Jewellers.