Moots & Socials in London

Here are a selection of Pagan Moots (monthly socials) and also Talks that take place in London. Please double-check with individual moots/ contact info before turning up for them, as some info may be out of date (unless Moot organisers provide updates, we are unable to be sure):

Nova Stellar Talks:

This Group began a sa way of providing  an opportunity for genuine seekers to find out more about Wicca, meeting up with Initiates from a number of different covens based in London. It has developed now into hosting monthly meetings & socials..  called `Nova Stella presents..’ and feature prominent Pagan/  esoteric public figures – such as Wiccan Elders, Magicians. Journalists, Eco-Activists and so on.

  • Fee: £3
  • When:  second Monday of each month in the future.
  • Time: 18:30–22:30
  • Venue: The Castle (Pub), Farringdon, 34-35 Cowcross Street,, EC1M 6DB London, United Kingdom
  • Nova Stella – facebook group

Dawn of the Oak (moot)

Dawn of the Oak is a monthly pub meet-up in London for pagans, witches,Heathens druids and other interested people. .    Our aim is to provide a casual, safe and friendly environment for pagans to meet and learn from each other. Whether you’ve just started learning about paganism or you’re an old hand, you’re welcome to come along and have a friendly chat and a pint or just a coffee…We are usually in the upstairs room at the Castle..

  • when: usually 3rd sunday of every month.
  • Time: 3pm- 7pm
  • Address: at The Castle (pub) (upstairs), 34-35 Cowcross Street, Farringdon, EC1M 6DB London

Enfield Town Circle (`ETC’)

Enfield Town Circle is pagan `moot’ founded by April in 2007. Initially held at the George, it is now at Crown & Horseshoes- a lovely waterside pub, with friendly staff who have comer to know us over the last few years. We often sit by the sofas near the large fire place.

  • When: 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Time: 7.30pm till about 11.00pm
  • Where: Crown & Horseshoes pub.15 Horseshoe Ln, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6PZ.
  • short google map link:
  • Enfield Town Circle- facebook group

The Kith of the Tree and the Well

The Kith of the Tree and the Well is a Heathen group that welcomes all who adhere to the paths of the nine worlds.
It is open to all that have a genuine interest in Heathenry..
The moot will start at 2pm in the upstairs room. There is a £2 donation towards the hiring of the room.
We aim to give a Talk/workshop/Seasonal Ritual or a Blot/Sumbel at each Moot, So come along and be surprised.. Geoff.

Treadwell sTalks & workshops:

Treadwell’s is an occult new & secondhand bookshop specialising in rare and unusual texts and items sourced from practising occultists [see ` Bookshops’ in this website for more details]. Treadwell’s follows the traditions of old-fashioned book selling – a warm welcome for book lovers, hourly rounds of tea, friendly conversation, and regular events. Please either go to their website or join their e-mail list for full details.
Treadwell”s also holds a lecture series with several different talks a month on topics covering witchcraft, magick, philosophy, history, archaeology and more all starting at 7.15pm and costing £7-10 each.
Treadwells has recently moved location from its previous venue in Covent Garden to a slightly nearby location, stil in central London. here’s the new address details.

  • Treadwells, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS.
  • telephone 020 7419 8507.
  • e-mail,
  • website: