Indoor Beltane Ritual by London Woodland Witches (for Pagan Federation) 27April’17

Come ye all to this indoor Beltane ceremony, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, to the heart of London..  where we shall call in all the tribes, shamans, witches, druids, pagans, Hippies and Holistic folks..   to come join the great feast of Beltane, dance the dance of fun, frolics and fertility, sew the seeds of romance and jollities, drum, sing, toast, bless. drink.. and be merry!

`At Beltane  (May eve) the land is fertile and at it’s most lush and green.. Courting couples making commitment to one another- and Handfastings!  Playful God weds the pregnant Goddess in the Sacred Marriage. The Maypole dancers raise energy and embed it into the land,  as the pole (symbolising masculine)  is decorated with a beautiful ring of flower at the tip (symbolising the feminine).’ -MN

We’ll stoke a central flame..  wear masks,  feathers and fur..  sport horns and flower crowns upon our heads,  with painted faces, robes, cloaks and capes.  We’ll toast to the Fairies.. to the Goddess..and God..  to the land..  and to the May Queen & Oak King.

And when ritual  is done..  we’ll feast and frolic..  with an indoor mini-Maypole..  So be sure to turn up and grab a ribbon (or the waist of the person holding the Maypole ribbon..!)

——–Info by PF London————-

• Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London.

Entry fee: £5 (for PF members & concessions), £6 for all others. (all proceeds to Pagan Federation London – registered not-for-profit).

• Time: 7:30 – 10:00 PM Arrive from 7.30 pm for pre-ritual socialising in the foyer. Ritual starts at 8 pm and usually concludes before 9 pm. Feasting and socialising follow the ritual until 10 pm.

• Housekeeping

• Please do not arrive before 7:30 PM. If you are early, please utilise one of the nearby pubs, cafes or gardens to sit and socialise in.

• Please switch off mobile phones before going into the ritual.

• No photographs or video are allowed during the ritual.

• Please bring a little food & drink to share during the feast after the ritual.

Historical note:   Ritual groups I run have  facilitated several Open rituals for PF London in the past (between 2005- 2012) — often under the name of `Hern’s Tribe’, and once or twice as, `Unicorn coven’,  `Tamesa London Circle’   and `Enfield Town Circle’.  Then after a gap of 2 years,  we facilitated the indoor Lammas ritual in 2015, and indoor Midsummer in 2016.   Now we’re honoured to have been invited once more by PF London to facilitate this indoor Beltane ritual. This time, we are gathering the ritual team under `London Woodland Witches’  – which now incorporates all our outdoor ritual events.

Bright Beltane Blessings

-Mani Navasothy (Wiccan HP & Shamanic Practitioner)

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