Earth Hour 2017 – Eco Ceremony & Candle-lit woodland Gathering – London


Our annual eco-event in  London to observe Earth Hour!The idea is to switch off all non-essential electric appliances, lights..  So what better than to get to the park…some green space..and be in candle-light…with like-minded friends? !!

**Bring Lanterns /  Candles in Jam -jars (no naked candles on tree trunks or ground please for eco & safety reasons)**

In the past we have facilitated a Candle-lit walk along the river Thames.  But since 2015, we have started to spend Earth Hour in local park or woods.

So come and join me and my Eco-friends ..from about 7.30pm onwards.. for meeting & greeting..and socialising. And around 8.30pm, when the actual Earth Hour begins.. we will gently go into a small meditation, followed by an Eco-Ceremony / Magic (may last abut 20-3omins). Then we shall continue with socials, an outdoor Picnic and merriment.. in candle-light.

Earth Hour Ceremony  

This is a ritual that we (Pagan Frontiers of London) are organising.  It will take place in the evening in a woodland/ outdoor venue.


  • Date: Saturday 25th March 2017
  • Meeting point /  time:    7.15pm at The Woodman’s Pub ( garden area in the back)
  • Nearest tube:   High Gate (Northern line – just 1 min walk to the Woodman’s Pub)


  • we’ll gather all attending and begin walking to the woodland at 7.30pm. (15min walk ..path is a bit steep at places..  not suitable for people with walking difficulty).
  • Once inside the ritual spot, a small Earth/ central altar will be created,  then all seated around it for  Earth Hour Ceremony ( 8.30pm- 9,30pm) .


  • Consecrations
  • Earth songs & Chants
  • Pathworking & Meditation
  • Eco-Magic
  • Closing

Please bring Food & Drinks to share.

There will be Earth songs & Chants. (bring your own to share/ sing). Here is an Earth song we’ll be singing `This land is all that we have’ here.

Bright Earth Blessings


-Mani Navasothy  (Pagan Frontiers of London)

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