Coven Guide: Become an initiated Witch – by Mani Navasothy

This book addresses the whole journey- from deciding to seek initiation in Wicca, basic knowledge of Wicca & Coven life, essential preparations of magic – to going to the right places, making the correct contacts and communication and the slow evolution of trust-building with a Seeker’s `world be initiator’ (coven leaders). And this book also gives full details, etiquette and protocols (the hidden ones) to follow – before, during and after the Initiation, so that the Seeker (now an Initiated Witch) can securely stay in their new coven!

Chapters & topics covered in this Book:: 1: Pre-Journey; 2: Witchcraft Basics; 3: Wicca Basics; 4: Magical Basics; 5: Interludes and Examinations; 6: Coven Basics; 7: The Journey: Finding your Initiators; 8: How to stay in a coven.
ISBN: 978-0-9560746-4-5  (Awakening Publishing)
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Pagan Generations by Luthaneal Adams

A book presenting a detailed view of modern Paganism, featuring chapters on the different Pagan paths and how to follow them, including Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Shamanism and more. Pagan Generation will also help you to construct a Pagan practice, relevant to the type of Paganism that calls to you. You’ll find advise on how to construct your own rituals, create a shrine or altar, and the varied beliefs and practices of Paganism.
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The Global Wicca Revolution – by Swati Prakash.

In The Global Wicca Revolution renowned Wiccan expert Swati Prakash presents Wicca not as a secret initiatory cult but as an open movement to enlighten earth and bring about a positive change in the masses. With useful exercises, rational philosophy and self help techniques you will be able to help yourself and others as you grow on this spiritual path. Simple techniques for enhancing intuition, banishing negativity and manifesting positive energy are included along with detailed information on Wicca, the Global Wicca tradition, the Wiccan Rede and the Five Elements of Nature. Common misconceptions regarding paganism, witchcraft, magick and Wicca are addressed beautifully and clearly to help open up minds and allow the flow of higher spiritual wisdom using meditation as a guide.
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Halloween Guide for Pagans, Parents, Teachers & Journalists
by Mani Navasothy.

Halloween has become a popular party festival all around the World. But with it, we see an increase in tabloid stories & smear campaigns aimed at Pagans & Witches. Parents are worried about the `evil’ of Wicca on their kids; Teachers are wondering how to teach the subject that is fast becoming part of religious education.
This Guide sets the records straight! It gives adequate details, history, related concerns, background to Wicca & Witchcraft and even some of the popular symbols of paganism. Pagans, Parents, Teachers & all types of Journalists will find this short Guide to be an invaluable first port of call.
ISBN: 978-0-9560746-6-9  (Awakening Publishing)
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The Marian Cipher- Rediscovery of the Sun Goddess
– by Ric Kemp.

New author Ric Kemp examines the evidence for the survival of a sun goddess archetype from earliest times down to the present day in pagan traditions, folklore, folk-Christianity and orthodox hagiography. Ric explores her ubiquitous presence in the ancient Middle East, Anatolia and Europe, and links her medieval cult to the mysterious daisy wheel circle – the Marian Cipher – which began appearing in churches from around the time of the Reformation onwards
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The Spirit of Transition: Your Journey to Inner Freedom and Well-Being
by Yulia Tarbath

is a guide for those people who are going through their own awakening and are preparing for the profound and unprecedented event known as The Great Shift.
Written in a way which is easy to understand, the book explains what the process of Earth’s and humanity’s awakening entails and how it unfolds for us. It helps the reader to focus on the necessary steps that can assist their inner transformation and speed up their evolution.
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The Book of Mirrors
by Luthaneal Adams

The aim of this book is to help people who find themselves training with a witch coven or just considering it. The author concentrates on his experiences, rather than trying to pad out those experiences witha lot of general information on Wicca. There are already enough books on the market that provide the basics of Wiccan belief. This book opens a window into the process of training with a coven, both for the prospective trainees and for all those covens out there who may benefit from seeing things from the other side.
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Deliciously Raw Dinners
by Paul & Yulia Tarbath

For most people, dinner is the hardest time to be raw. This is why we created the ultimate low-fat savoury raw dinner recipe collection!
36 incredibly tasty, UNIQUE and LOW-FAT savoury raw food recipes to help you overcome those dinner time cravings!
23 recipes that are fat free (IDEAL for weight-loss!).
Savoury raw soups, salads, dressings, sauces, wraps, spaghetti, and lasagna that are Natural Hygiene and 80/10/10-friendly
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Bulimia Hope
by Vathani Navasothy

A simple, risk-free self-help course(e-book) designed to help you, or someone you love, break free from Bulimia. The CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM lays out the possible causes of your condition, allowing you to understand what makes the condition happen, and what you need to change to rid yourself of bulimia forever, without expensive drugs or budget-breaking therapy treatments.
Vathani Navasothy is a fully qualified Counsellor, Psychologist, Food Disorder Expert, mentor, Facilitator and trainer. She is also an EFT specialist and Reiki practitioner. Visit her site to try this self help programme.

Eclipse Magic workbook – Stellar Engineer your life!
by Mani Navasothy

Every year, there are at least 4 Eclipses taking place! We all live through Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and yet few magicians ride the magical currents of Eclipses – opportunities for doing powerful magical or psychic work that can be life-changing.
This is a world 1st book on Eclipse magic – written by Mani Navasothy – Astrologer, Wiccan & Physicist – showing you how to use the magic of Eclipses to stellar engineer your life!
ISBN: 978-0-9560746-9-0 (Awakening Publishing)
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Astrology for Eclipse Magicians
by Mani Navasothy

A companion to the `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ – this book gives full introductions to Astrology that experienced astrologers and total new comers can appreciate and understand immediately. It contains introduction on how to use an Ephemeris (book of data on planetary positions & transits). All beginners to Astrology will benefit from the easy to follow introductions & explanations to planets, zodiac signs, natal chart, aspects, moon-signs, rising signs and more. These sections contain brilliant colour illustrations and graphics. You don’t need to imagine – you can actually see.
ISBN: 978-0-9560746-5-2  (Awakening Publishing)
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Yule Rites
by Mani Navasothy

This book, has over 50 pages – and explores the the symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals. Sun Gods from around the world, Sun-Earth cycles that give rise to seasons, rituals & myths of the Solar rebirth, battle of the Holly & Oak kings, as well as the significance of Yule log and Mistletoe are all explained with photos. Included in its entirety are 3 Yule/Winter Rituals, which the author had personally written and performed in 2004, 2008 & 2011. The extended Appendix contains full articles on Paganism, 8-fold Pagan Festivals, major Pagan symbols, and links to online resources. Compact and full of photographs, this is a very good resource about Yule – one of the major pagan festivals that gave rise to Christmas itself. Easy to read, and written in a friendly manner by Pagans, Teachers, Journalists, Newcomers & Beginners to Paganism will all find this book invaluable.
ISBN: 978-0-9560746-3-8  (Awakening Publishing)
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