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We promote & publicise Pagan Open Rituals, Groups, Moots, Socials, Events, Conferences, selected Esoteric shops & Holistic services. For educational purposes, we also have a selection of articles, books & Videos- all many pagan topics.
Ritual Groups in London
London has many Pagan ritual groups and ceremonial circles. Some are formal and require membership (not featured here) and many have open rituals and events. Here we list some of the Ritual circles. Hern’s Tribe...
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Moots & Socials in London
Here are a selection of Pagan Moots (monthly socials) and also Talks that take place in London. Please double-check with individual moots/ contact info before turning up for them, as some info may be out...
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Pagan Organisations & Centres
Organisations have been established in the UK over the decades, with The Pagan Federation (est 1971), . Read our features about them in our community section, and find contact details. Esoteric Bookshops in London. ....
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Pagan Pride Parade London 2019
Pagan Pride Parade London – is a free street-based public event.. oldest of its kind in the world, and now in it’s 21st year!!   This is where all the pagans, witches, wizards, druids, new agers...
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Our Rituals in London

Open Rituals-organised by us - coming up in London in October 2019.
Wicca Full Moon Ceremony – by river Thames, London (Oct 2019)
On this night, we gather for our monthly `Tamesa Full Moon Ritual' (Tamesa London Circle started in 2006), to Call upon the Triple Moon Goddess, Honour Father Thames & attune to Tamesa serpent energies, and do magic at the heart of London. These rituals are based on Wicca & Witchcraft...
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Woodland Witches – Samhain 2019 Gathering (27Oct2019)
SAMHAIN - the Pagan seasonal festival for honoring our ancestral spirits, seek wisdom from the spirits in the veil between worlds ! Our Outdoor Samhain is particularly intense because of the real dark (wet, windy) environment among trees and bushes that are already bare ...! As evening falls, there is...
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London Thames Halloween walk – South Bank (30Oct2019)
It was the Night before Halloween.. Ghosts & Ghouls were stirring and not an undead soul was resting! Keeping to our tradition.. we are holding our pre-Halloween walk along south bank side of river Thames in central London. This time on wednesday 30th October! This is a `fun' event with...
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Courses & Workshops

Check these Courses & Workshops organised by us (Pagan Frontiers of London). There are Indoors / outdoor courses to select from, or our e-witch correspondence course.
Wicca Course for Beginners, 1-day outdoors, London – (19Oct2019)
This 1-day introduction course on Wicca is for New comers, Beginners & seekers - all those interested or curious about Wicca & Witchcraft, and like to learn it all in a down to earth, friendly, experiential manner...! Fee : Early online Booking £20.(£30 cash fee on the day). Contents----------------- This is a basic introduction course. Brief explanations will be given as well as demonstrations, use of pathworking, meditation, energy work,...
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Divination & magic with Runes- Beginners course (16Nov2019)
Runes are used by many modern magical people for both divination/ fortune telling, as well as for ritual magical purposes. Runes come from the Norse (Viking) path, and were the alphabets for Norse-people. Our own English Alphabets come from derivations of Runes.. The one bit of rune magic people still do, without even realising is the `xxx' we put as `kisses' on cards and letters (and emails & texts now!)....
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Beginners High Magic Course – at The Atlantis Bookshop (20Nov19)
High Magic course at The Atlantis Bookshop, London: Kabbalistic Cross, LBRP & Archangels sigils. We are extremely pleased to announce this 2 hour Introduction course in High Magic being held at The Atlantis Bookshop (Museum Street, Holborn) – a historic and well-known and loved magical venue. . Previously I have run this course in outdoor woodland venues as a 6hr long session. For the first time it will be run...
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Media & Resources

Magazines. Some are free to read online as e-Magazines, whilst others are published quarterly by organizations in print.

Books written and published by fellow pagans in recent years,

Articles & Info (Paganism & Magic) – several articles on many topics of Paganism & Magic for beginners.

Videos Watch our pagan festival & educational videos

Our sister sites

These are our very own sister sites, dedicated to specific groups and subject matters.

Wicca Witchcraft & Magic – extended website with videos, articles, articles on the subject of Wicca.

Gaian Times Magazine– we published 11 eco-magical magazines free online

Hern’s Tribe– one of our Ritual magical / shamanic groups based in south London

TamesaLondon Circle – Our ritual group based in and around river Thames in central London

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