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31st Oct - Halloween / Samhain Ritual by Thames in Central London (with an informal Candle-lit walk.   All religious and spiritual people welcome to honour the Ancestors in this annual ceremony. Wear casual, pagan or fancy dress.  More details .   For woodland Samhain, with Hern’s Tribe, click here

Open Seasonal Rituals in London 

 Click these rotating banners to read more about Open Rituals in London. Here are the regular and established ones.

Pagan Festivals & Major Events in London

Selection of Pagan Festivals, Conferences and other social events

PFF Samhain Celebrations 2014

October Plenty 2014 -sm

River Thames Halloween Ritual -31Oct2014

Wicca & Witchcraft related

Wicca Full moon rituals-v2

Nova Stellar Wicca Meet-up Group-pfl400

Our Meetup -London Woodland Wiccans & Outdoor pagans

Pagan Moots & Socials

Pagan Moots are regular (monthly) socials held in pubs, coffee shops or other public venues. Some consist of talks by established Pagans , authors and other experts. At moots, newcomers have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other pagans and network!  Below is a selection.

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Beltane Fire Festival Ediburgh -Nudity

Invocation to Cernunnos

Spring Goddess invocation

London Pagan Parade

Wand- Fire consecration

Make a Withcy Broom

Our  channel `Gaian2012’ has many pagan videos on invocations, events, eco-matters and magical tools and tips.  Here is an example to watch.


Esoteric Magazines & Pagan Radio   




Pagan Radio (UK) Logo

Gaian Times Eco-Sprititual e-Magazine (free online)

Pagan Dawn- journal of the Pagan Federation

Psychic Oracle - free online magazine

Pagan Radio- free onlne to listen

Astrology & Divination

Eclipses are coming Oct2014- sm

Pagan Blogs

Quantum Phoenix - science & magic blog1

roseDixon blog - psychic




Esoteric Shops & Centres in London

Atlantis Occult shop London
Treadwells Books
Spirit of Isis
Atlantis spiritual centre - Enfield
Clearly Destiny - Euston London

Pagan Organisations in UK

Pagan Federation
Fellowship of Isis
Witchfest & Children of Artemis
Centre for Pagan Studies
Pagan FutureFests



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